Words can not express the deviation I felt this morning.After gorging myself on water the night before just so I would be full!

After feeling the joy of having filled an entire 5oz bottle.. only to waste, to be soaked up by Samwise’ clothing.

The Holy Spirit warned me not to put it there, the bottle, but my brain assessed the situation and found that the child would not be able to grab it.

After going to settle little man River and comfort feed him to sleep I forget all about my urgency to put up this precious milk. 

Then in the big arm chair I’m in with the baby I hear Samwise throwing a fit, I’m talking to him unable to see in the blind spot, where he is, until I hear within myself, “He got the bottle.”

Sure enough he was wearing my hard work.

I text my mom and she said something about ‘life being full of spilled milk moments…’ and I’m thinking, yeah, but this is breast milk. She also wrote that there will be more. I look at the once full bottle thinking maybe by some miracle it will get filled again with some sort of heavenly milk. Nope.

Man!! I’m so upset, I yelled and yelled and Samwise ran off into his room crying. I can’t even bring myself to comfort him. I might just end up, you know, biting off one of his fingers or something.

I think it might be wise to sit down and have a cup of coffee….

After I went to get said cup I find that I’m at the bottom of the cream carton. 

Just my luck, there simply isn’t enough! I knew we were at the last of the groceries for these two weeks but this was just painful. I open the fridge to settle for plain ol’ milk when in front of me is a brand spankin’ new carton of heavy cream that my husband must have purchased. My mom was right, there was more, just not of what I expected.

Inspired by cream and even more deliciously  grateful for cream. 

Windy,almost, Wednesday 

It was super windy today. As I watched the trees sway and the leaves rustle back and forth throughout the day I had this awesome vision for my photo of the day. I thought; I’ll take a self portrait..and there will be leaves flowing through…and my hair will be looking wicked cool blowing all over the place..and it’ll just be great!!

Fast forward and the wind is dying down, one kid is screaming their head off and I forget just how difficult taking a self portrait with a ‘real(heavy, clunky)camera’ can be.
Really helps you appreciate the difference between a selfie and a self-portrait.

Inspired by the wind and grateful for easy technology. 


Welly Boots

 Right before my little man River was born our Mimi(great grandmother) came to visit as she does and with her she brought some welly boots my Uncle Chris could not pass up.

I was thrilled, though at the time they fit none of the children.

Fast forward two months or so and we have a routine, Samwise and I, where we go outside after breakfast and play. Mostly the kid plays, I go back inside with River. 

During the time Samwise is outside he gets into it all!

 By the time he’s ready to come in I have to clean off most of his surface. However, because of his welly boots I don’t need too (often) worry about his feet and socks….expect for those times he literally steps into shin deep water which he does at any presented opportunity. 

Amid computer troubles and personal drama I’m surprised I got this together before midnight!

Inspired by weather that requires welly boots and grateful for the mess that they contain.  

Storybook  Weather

Gah! Woke up feeling icky. Lost my voice. The girls and I agree that I could pull of sounding like a witch. We all laughed when I called everyone “precious,” “deary,” and the ever classic, “my pretty.” Then we would laugh even harder when I laughed.Today was dreary and rainy. Thankfully enough, the very day before today(affectionately called yesterday) my husband took us to the book store and we bought books. 

Today was dreary and rainy and the PERFECT day for reading. 

All three of us girls have nearly reached the half way mark in our stories. This is especially thrilling for my daughter Apple as, like me as a child, she has shown an aversion to reading. I try to make sure that she doesn’t feel so very discouraged because her older sister is such an avid reader. I know, for me, I always felt like I couldn’t measure up, so I gave up before I tried. 

Somehow we found her a story book that she is so keen on that she has finished the first book of it(it’s one of those 3-in-1 books.) She first came running in excited after she had reached the 3 page on her own free will. We praised and praised her. When she got through the first chapter, running through to tell us, we praised and praised some more. Her sweet smile and obvious encouragement had us all on a roll. Then it seemed she was running to us more than we could muster up a praise without a bit of frustration about being bothered again, until she finished that first book. Thrilled that she found something she likes.

Today was dreary and rainy;the perfect day for reading.  Inspired and grateful for book weather.

Paris 11.13.15


I was making dinner when alarm from ‘breaking news’ came onto the television.  

My eldest daughter and I were glued to the news of the Paris attack as the number of victims grew from five to over 100.  

As the chaos went on and on, all I wanted was to have my husband home.   The tragedy was an ocean away and the fear still reached me here, and I couldn’t stop wanting my husband safe off the road.  How much more they must have felt this in France. 

My heart is sad for every country that has been attacked by these senseless extremist.  Inspired by the strength of unity in a country and grateful for all those who made it. 

Sunflower Patch


 Kids catch sickness from school the most because that’s where active, sick kids are.

Sometimes you don’t know your kid is sick when you send them off to school. Sometimes you know your kid is sick and you send them off to school anyway. 

It’s not that you do it because you don’t care, it’s that you have to be somewhere and your child can’t be there with you.

When my poor babies feel awful, I feel awful. I dread it spreading in the household but I know that mother’s touch is most comforting and home rest is best.

Inspired by fresh linens and grateful that being home gives my school babies the option of staying home to rest and heal.



My son Samwise has one obvious love language and that language is, FOOD.  My hands can be full in the mornings and he doesn’t hold back his roar of demands. Everything has to be the way he likes it. 

He has to know what I’m cooking, so I must lift him up to see. He has to come pick out his silverware. He has to be put in his highchair when HE tells me and once he’s there he communicates in his way(grunts, roars, pointing, and sign language) that I mustn’t forget his sippy. Sometimes he wants juice, sometimes milk, sometimes he doesn’t care-but he always wants to discuss it. 

During this song and dance baby River is sometimes sleeping, sometimes crying, and sometimes being carried in a wrap. This particular morning he was crying in his swing.

Inspired and simply grateful that I didn’t complete burn breakfast.

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