Easter 2014

Before another week goes by I really should put these photos up of our Easter together or they’ll never see the light of day.





















Birthday Questionaire

Before I get to the questionnaire, I just want to say how much I enjoyed my birthday and how much I appreciate every kind and special word or gesture done in love, for me. Precious and lovely. I shouldn’t brag on gifts. Though, I was very touched, so I took a picture to share.

from my thoughtful,  Lovelies!

from my thoughtful, Lovelies!


I had flowers...

I had flowers…



...seriously yummy dessert....

…seriously yummy dessert….


...lots of laughing with my sisters..

…lots of laughing with my sisters..


...and a cake to top it all off. made by my daughters with my mom.

…and a cake to top it all off. made by my daughters with my mom.



On to the questionnaire!

I did this last year, but this year it is better put together.


1)What are you saying goodbye to?
Twenty-six. Fear.

2)Did you travel anywhere?
No where far. Though, I did get to go to South Padre Island for the first time. I like the color of the beach water there.

3)Did any one special pass on, give birth or marry?
We’re not ‘close’ but, my cousin Sarah was married. As for babies..my brother Caleb and his wife had a little boy they named Jude and my husbands sister Kate and her husband Faisal, had a baby girl they named, Erum.

4)Did you read much?
I read mostly books I re-read because I knew they were good.
Fox in the Snow was a new one.
Really though, I got through all of The Lord of the Rings books for the first time. I was quite obsessed for a while.

5)What music will forever represent that year?
Ellie Golding, Lorde, and Lana-once again- are my now go-tos.

6)Did you watch many shows?
Not much this year. Walking Dead is still a big hit for us. Hell On Wheels…I think those two really get my attention.
7)How about the movies?

8)Did you make any friends?
I’ve become pretty good friends with my sister-in-law Callie. We get on really well and I see it(our friendship)just growing and developing all the time. It’s great!

9)What did you meditate on?
Staying faith filled.

10)What did you spend most of your time doing?
School run, sleeping, mommying it up. Laughing with my husband. Homework; mine and the kids’s.

11)Who inspired you?
Clients! I have some pretty awesome clients that are always so excited and enthusiastic about working with me. It really encourages me!
Also dreams and books really open up my imagination.

12)What’s some favorite moments?
Flying kites with my children on the beach.
Having a cup of tea with my husband the morning we found out I was pregnant.

13) Hardest moment?
When my mother became very ill. The fear, the heaviness of it.

14) Favorite item?
New water bottle. My red maxi dress

15)Best song to belt out to while driving?
Oceans by United

16) What is your motto?
You can only change and control your own actions. Make them good ones.

17)Who is your best friend?
My husband, my rock. Peter.

18) What’s the next book you want to read?
The new Game of Thrones book.

19) How do you feel about your body?
I feel like I look pretty dang good. Feeling creaky though.

20) What are you chasing at the moment?
Peace and Mercy

22) What do you want to buy?
I really want a new vehicle.

23)What did you want that you did get?
A new mattress! So happy with it!

24) What has improved?
I cook a lot more. My husband and I laugh a lot more. Just really in such a better place. I’m enjoying life right now. Things are getting better all the time.

25) Write a phrase that sums up this year?
“All that is gold does not glitter.” -is what comes to mind.

26) What are you really excited about?
Meeting our new baby!! We can’t wait!!

I Want a Konjac Sponge


Looking for a little something to get for my birthday coming up.
So many beautiful things. It’s hard to decide!


Bed, Back, & Beyond

turqiuse baby bedding custom made by mother for when my older brother and I were babies

turquoise baby bedding custom made by mother for when my older brother and I were babies

I’ve been having some sleep problems. Really, my sleep problem is connected to a hip problem. The hip is connected to my spine. Which is what I’m told is my ‘real’ problem.
If we’re not fb friends or you’re not a fan of my photography page or don’t follow my Instagram and are unaware-I’m with child.
So as some people are aware, as a woman when you have a fetusbeing growing in your womb, your hips and bones and joints spread out.
This can be a painful process.
It has been for me. I asked my doctor why there was so much more pressure this time around and she said that it was normal for 3rd time pregnancies.
Still, I had been having a rough time sleeping. I even had to switch to the guest bed to even obtain any sleep.

Finally, I made an appointment with a chiropractor.

I had been a chiropractor patient once before, but that was after the birth of my second daughter, Apple. During her delivery I hurt my hip and my sciatic nerve was injured as a result.
I figured maybe this was being triggered. Remembering that about 5 visits “cured” me the last time, I felt it was worth a try.

The only real issue with going would be the cost.
Finally, my husband and I found that in the next town over, several chiropractic places took our insurance. We picked a place and I went.
Unfortunately, by the next visit I was informed though they do take Blue Cross Blue Shield, our particular plan had no coverage.
However, favor smiled upon me and they are honoring a discount simply because I walked in with a BCBS card. A significant reduction from how much it would have cost me in my hometown.
I can’t be hard on the gas cost as I have Bible study every Monday in that town so I’ve just made the chiropractor visits before my class.
Two birds, one trip.

Along with the chiropractic attention, there is another reason I’m feeling better.
My husband and I made a huge change in our home. We took a big step into adulthood.
After nearly ten years of sharing all types of sleeping arrangements, we purchased our first ever, NEW bed.


Both my husband and I exclaim in surprise each time we would first rest upon it, being un used to not rolling straight to the middle!

That, inlined with the chiropractic attention, has made things so much better.
I don’t have a sharp stabbing pain in my pelvis anymore. Well, much anyway. Praise God! I am also sleeping much more sufficiently.
Whether this is due to the new bed I’m sure, but a percentage I take in to considerable notice of the fact that I don’t have both girls piling in to bed with me when their father is at work.
They now share the queen bed in their own room. That has been quite a great move, as my youngest prefers someone to “Snuggle buggle.”
We’ve been preparing her for baby and tenderly letting her know that baby will ‘snuggle buggle’ mommy in bed now so she needs to be a big girl in her own room.
She is very excited about the baby and very sympathetic as to it needing to snuggle mommy when here. She hopes that its a girl.

“Therapy” Homework

Recently, I have become active in a women’s group were we talk about our childhood and how it affects a persons adulthood demeanor.

If I fast forward past all the reading and admit I raced to finish our assignments an hour before class, this homework bit was my favorite bit. I enjoyed getting to draw for a minute.

My daughter stopped to watch and was delighted to find out the quick sketch was of me. We got to talk a bit and relate with the little girl who, in the drawing, is the same age as my first born daughter.

Strange how I remember so much at that time. Like I was just there. It amazes me that my own child is in that that place. How can it be that life moves so fast?


App Necessities

Being a photographer and having the love of images burned deep inside that being, has its down side.
Having so many images and photo apps on your phone that eventually, like all the time, you have to delete any and most other apps you have on that said phone to keep the necessities. Because having photo gear and the recordings from that gear are necessities.

One never seems to be able to keep on track of sending those images to a more secure location, like maybe the computer hard drive.
One never seems to be able to delete those images when they do get sent there because of the love of looking at them.
Though, progress has been made; I cleaned out my phone.
As the photo apps still remain, ONLY sixty plus images are on file to stare at.
I can now re-download children games, my games, facebook, recipes, and many more apps.
They will make appearances in my phones life once again.
Thank you self control.

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